Hi there,

I’m Pete, and there’s two things in life I probably couldn’t live without. The first is my beard, it’s the ginger highlight of an otherwise average face, the thing that helps me look more distinguished than I actually am, and the key to the door of every “hipster” café I’ve ever set foot in. The second, is a damn good cup of coffee.

Boy ‘n’ Bean is my journey through the coffee shops of Chester and beyond, with the aim of helping you love coffee as much as I do.

I’m pretty I sure I fell in love with coffee for the same reasons most second year university students did, the caffeine! But as it caught hold of me, I started searching for the ultimate coffee, it got me thinking…

The fact that I might be enjoying a cup of coffee at any given moment, didn’t happen by accident. In some far off country a farmer cared about growing quality beans. An independent supplier got it into the hands of a roaster, who worked their magic until finally a barista at my local cafe or I in my kitchen, carefully brewed the coffee to release its full potential.

Coffee can sometimes be complicated, coffee can sometimes be easy.

But coffee is always great.